Pillars of Creation, Astronomy, Space  

I find this picture taken by NASA of the Pillars of Creation absolutely amazing. I want to photograph it myself too, someday.


Every time I think about the Pillars of Creation, I can’t help thinking it’s such a mysterious and wondrous thing out in space. The most amazing thing about it is that when you look at it, you’re actually looking back into time. You’re seeing the Pillars of Creation and how it looked like thousands of years ago. I’m seeing how it looked like thousands of years ago. That fact is so amazing that my stomach does a 360° flip whenever I think about it.

I think Astronomy is an amazing subject. It’s so diverse and it’s never-ending. Because space is such a mystery and it’s so huge, there’s always something new to discover. Which is why I find Astronomy so intriguing. Uncovering and solving the mysteries of space is something I’d want to do. I look up into the sky and wonder, ‘what’s out there?’ and I want to find out what’s out there.

Space is big, beautiful and mysterious. Don’t you think so too?




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