I’ve Got A Signal…

I have been following Kpop since 2013 and although I’m not a very big fan, I have a few bands that suit my taste. Till date my favourite Korean band has to be f(x). They are not quite as big as groups like Girls’ Generation and 2ne1, but they’ve got potential. Their concept is really attractive as well, with dashes of girlish and boyish concepts together.

Their most prominent genre is electropop, a genre I’ve always found interesting. One of my favourite songs of theirs is ‘Signal’, the fifth number of their album ‘Pink Tape’. I love the disco and retro melody mashed together (I am a fan of disco music and I also love songs of the 70’s and 80’s). I have listened to it more than a hundred times, but it never gets old.

Other songs of f(x) that I recommend  you to listen to (if you ever feel curious to listen to them) are Shadow, another track of Pink Tape, Airplane (also of Pink Tape),  Ai, All Night, Milk and Dracula. These are my personal favourites and if you like the type of music f(x) has to offer, I’m sure you will enjoy these tracks as well. Others songs of different groups with similar vibes are Shift sung by SHINee, Odd Eye (SHINee), Somethin Kinda Crazy (Red Velvet) and Time Slip (also by Red Velvet).

I thoroughly recommend you to listen to all f(x) songs, especially from their album Red Light and Pink Tape.



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