New Old Music 

Discovered music of the 1970’s by an artist named Bebu Silvetti. These songs are so cheerful and melancholic at the same time. However, both of them make we want to dance in the rain. 🙂

Bebu Silvetti – Summer Rain:

Bebu Silvetti – Spring Rain 1976:


Just lay down on the grass and open up…

Yesterday, I spent more than 4 hours talking to three of my closest friends about every random thing that popped into our head while laying on the grass in the garden at our school. We talked about our dreams, strange facts that we had heard, supernatural occurings, our other friends, our feelings, our personal problems, our past, and our future. Conversations which started with “Have you heard about…” led to a million other topics.  I don’t think I will find any one whom I can be so open with, who I can trust 101% and who accepts me just the way I am. 

Friends are really a blessing in our lives.