“Indecisive dreams, 19 years old…”

The mysteriously charming woman of xxxHolic, Yuuko-san. 


Yep, the frog has dreams too… 

This little froggie here has big dreams. Like the ones you do! And it’s determined to make them come true. Maybe one day, it’ll be waddling in the ponds in France, or whistling for taxis in New York, or eating sizzling hot street foods in China. Then it remembers that most frogs can’t whistle for taxis or even make it to any foreign country safely. But it can dream. And that is enough.

Super Saturn

There lies a monster planet, 434 light years from Earth, that has more than 30 rings around it, spanning 120 million kilometers! This planet, known as J1407b, is easily one of the most fascinating planets ever discovered. 

If this planet decided to take a place in our solar system, we’d be seeing this scene in the morning sky! 

Can you imagine what living on this planet would be like? It’s so fascinating to think about. If life exists there, it must be so much more different from ours…

[Picture credits to earthsky.com]

A Rom Com

Lovely Complex is easily my favorite romantic comedy and here are just a few reasons why it’s such an enjoyable show.

The first episode of Lovely Complex starts quite differently from most other romance anime. Here’s Koizumi Risa, a 170 cm (172 cm later on)  tall who’s always at the back of the row during assembly. She thinks her height makes her unfeminine and is also sometimes “not considered to be a girl since she’s so tall”. She can be rowdy and wild and loud, but underneath, she’s still a girl and wants others to see that. Then there’s Otani Atsushi, a below-average 156 cm boy who, opposite to Koizumi, is always at the front of the row. Otani is constantly teased for being really short and is also defensive when his height is concerned. He can be a bit dense and is a real jokester with kind of a pseudo-Napolean syndrome but can also be sweet and naive as times.

The two bicker constantly, mainly teasing each other for their extreme heights, calling each other things like Amazon and Giant to Midget and Microbe… They’re known as the “All Hanshin-Kyojin” comedy duo in the class due to their continuous bickering. Soon however, they realize they have a lot in common, like the singer Umibozu, water-slides, rickshaw rides…and all the things that are considered childish by the others. And soon enough, Risa falls for Otani but that’s when the drama starts, because Otani has no idea at all! (no matter how many times Risa tries to make it clear to him). 

Love Com makes you laugh helplessly in every episode, which makes it light and fun to watch. Plus, the faces Koizumi and Otani pull are so hilarious at times that you just can’t help cracking a smile.

One of the things you now you notice from the first episode is their accent. Since the anime takes place in Osaka, majority of the characters speak in Kansai-ben. It can be fun listening to them sat certain phrases like “Nandeyanen!” and “-yade! “.

Lovely Complex is not too fast-paced and there is good character development as well. You see how Koizumi and Otani go from bickering enemies to best friends with the same likes and dislikes and then finally, to something more. Koizumi and Otani are naturally likable characters and pretty wild and noisy too, which is a reason why they’re one of my favorite characters in anime. They’re not perfect and make mistakes here and there but maybe that’s why they’re such lovable characters.

The anime introduces a troupe of interesting characters from Risa and Otani’s friends, to a boy who cross-dresses and falls for Otani, to Risa’s obsessive childhood friend, to a godly teacher who bears a striking resemblance to an otome game character and many more. All these characters with their distinct personalities add much comedy to the anime and make it enjoyable to watch. Although the anime is mainly focused on Risa and Otani’s relationship, we also get to know the kind of couples (Nobu-Nakao and Chihatu-Suzuki) are and they’re fun to watch since they too have their own unique relationship. They are portrayed as having a quite perfect relationship but in the last few episodes, we also get to see the problems that they have with their relationships which adds a touch of realism and extra points for character development. That’s why you do feel kinda nostalgic at the end of the anime when the characters wave bye…! Thats the kind of feeling only a good anime with wonderfully developed characters can evoke. 

What’s the best thing about Lovely Complex is it’s orginality and ability to keep viewers wanting to keep watching episode after episode and keeping us laughing out loud throughout each episode. It has a bunch of charming characters, with the leads being naturally hilarious and likable. It may not exactly be as deep as many other romance anime, but it has a sense of realism in it which is refreshing to watch. Watching this anime, it made me realize that height and outer appearance aren’t things to be insecure about and that those aren’t the only things that make who you are. It shows that friendship can bloom not through height complexes, but through common interests. All things can work out, if you put in enough effort and if you keep being concerned about trivial things like height differences and so on, things will never move forward.  I’d recommend Lovely Complex to anyone who wants a fun anime to watch, which has countless funny scenes to leave you rolling on the floor and just the right amount of romance and friendship to make you smile.

Myths, Mystery and Magic

There are many things I love about the book, “Season of Secrets”. A not very well known myth woven into real life (in the book) equals a dreamy, romantic book which makes you feel like a little child again. I had never heard of this myth of the Oak King before but I did some research after reading this and every bit of it intrigued me. The fact that Spring has to die for Winter to come, and Winter has to die for Spring, all falls into place and makes perfect sense to me. I think it shows how one person cannot be completely good or compeletly bad. I love the connection the girl (Molly) has with the Green Man and my personal favorite is the last scene when she meets him in the forest (probably for the last time). I think it’s described beautifully and leaves you feeling flushed and your heart beating fast, just the way Molly must have felt. 

It’s a strange fantasy book, something that exists in another world of misty, hidden hills where it’s raining all the time, but when the sun does come out, it becomes a completely different, shimmering, magical world. 

It may be a children’s book but I don’t think I could get enough of this no matter at what age I read it again in the future. 

(P.S : I also love the little doodles at the top of every chapter!)