Just think… 

​Do you sometimes just look out your window and gaze upon the sky? To see those fluffy clouds passing by, like nature’s peaceful traffic. Don’t you wish you could just rise up, above those clouds and see what they could see if they had eyes? When you’re on an aeroplane, it’s easy to see it, from a cloud’s point of view. But what would it feel to actually be a cloud? To not only see a cloud’s view, but to feel it? To feel the air that would be too suffocating for us humans, but yet to still be at peace. Clouds are non living, right? But what makes us say that? We live according to rules made my humans to make life easier, but that doesn’t mean it’s the absolute truth. Yes, clouds could be living and we just don’t know it because we aren’t one or they could be living in a way we can’t comprehend. What would it be like to be a non-living thing and then to know that it’s actually not non living?

Now that you think of it, our minds are so limited. Endless possibilities lie ahead beyond what we have made up and come to believe. It’s not to say that you must believe in things that humanity doesn’t. But we should believe that things we don’t believe exist, just might.

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Winter Break!

Sorry for not posting for a while! I had my exams and stressed myself out to the max, but it was worth it in the end. 🙂

Winter vacation has started and in a week we’ll be travelling down to South India with the fam! We’ll be visiting quite a few places, including Kovalam beach, which I’m really looking forward to. The last time I visited the seaside was in 2011 or 2012, so I don’t remember what it was like. I’m sure the seaside will be a great place to snap some amazing photographs. Also, can’t wait to taste the food and try new things there.

I’m sure I’ll be posting quite a few pictures. Look forward to it! Whoever’s having vacation right now too, whether you’re travelling or not, have fun in your own way!

New Old Music 

Discovered music of the 1970’s by an artist named Bebu Silvetti. Absolutely mesmerizing…

Bebu Silvetti – Summer Rain: https://youtu.be/C3HSZJj7zro

Bebu Silvetti – Spring Rain 1976: https://youtu.be/SMb2vm80R1s

Is it weird for a 14 year old teenager of the 21st century to be loving classical music? I just have a different choice of music, that’s all. 🙂