After-school tea time

K-On! was my very first anime. I first watched it back in 2010 on Animax. I absolutely loved it back then and still love it now. 

It’s a fun slice-of-life anime filled with funny and distinguishable characters and a feel-good plot which is enjoyable to watch with a cup of tea and snacks. It’s never too full of drama, never too overdone, never too full of action, but a nice depiction of everyday life of a high school student which will leave you feeling pleasantly relaxed at the end. 

It’s filled with cuteness and comedy which will leave you helplessly holding your sides. You may go through entire episodes with a smile on your face!

Music is one of the core elements of this anime. The characters become friends through music by joining the ‘Light music club’ of their school. It’s nice to see how the characters become attached to the music they make together which helps them to become such good and close friends. Plus, they’ve good some really smashing soundtracks. 

The characters are lovable and so funny in their own ways. You’ll soon become attached to them and their friendship which is why, at the few sentimental parts : like their concerts, their trips, their little moments together and their graduation, you’ll find yourself tearing up. There’s always something about slice-of-life anime that’ll leave you thinking about your own life and comparing it to the anime (especially if you’re also a high school student). 

K-On is ridiculously funny, full of cuteness, goofiness, a set of lovable characters – Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Tsumugi, Azusa, Sawako-chan (still my favorite teacher in anime, ever), Ui, Nodoka, and many others. I love their moments together, when they’re just sitting around lazily, enjoying their teatimes after-school, talking and joking about anything and just happily being themselves with friends they enjoy making music and being with. I still have a good laugh thinking about all the scenes of the show and all they good times they had. 

Forever in my heart as the best anime, K-On! 

“Love Yourself First” – Mary and Max

I don’t quite know where to start with this one. 

There are too many things about this movie that I loved and too many that I can’t quite put into words. But I’ll try my best. 

I found this movie on a list of stop animation movie recommendations. I’ve always found stop animation interesting and fresh and the short synopsis of  ‘Mary and Max’ intrigued me to watch this one. So I did. 

The plot of Mary and Max goes like this – An eight year old Australian girl named Mary Daisy Dinkle chooses a random address to make them her pen friend with a simple, naive question – ‘Where do babies come from?’

The receiver happens to be a 44 year old Max Jerry Horowitz from New York, suffering from quite a few conditions – Asperger Syndrome, anxiety, obesity, to name a few. 

Thus, their unlikely friendship begins. Although Max initially gets an anxiety attack after reading the letter, he does write back and then, we get a peek into their lives and what may go through the minds of people quite different from us. 

The story is sweet as times, bitter at other times, but never loses its charm and uniqueness. The characters are rich and you’ll feel like you personally get to know them as they talk about their lives in the letters. You’ll see how people aren’t perfect and how sometimes, that doesn’t really matter at all. 

Mary and Max sends a very important message to the viewers. It’s shown in many scenes – the message of loving yourself and who you are. Max has many problems – but he lives accepting him as who he his. He’s been told how to recover from his syndrome many times, but he doesn’t want to, because he accepts himself as he is and asks, why should he change something about him which makes him the person he is? He sees his syndrome in a positive way – something that makes up an important part of his personality and not a disability to be cured. 

It’s a realistic, thoughtful approach to an animated film and amazingly done. By the end of the movie, I was moved and I learnt a lot of lessons – the most any movie has ever given me. The message of loving yourself, living life the way you perceive it, understanding human nature and so much more.

Mary and Max, for teaching me some meaningful lessons I will hopefully remember in the long run, thank you. 

Corpse Bride – A Creepily Fantastic Delight 

My drawing of Emily from Corpse Bride, one of my favorite movies of all time. 

I first watched this movie back when I was a kid and the only thing I remembered about it was that Emily turns into butterflies in the end. I discovered it years later, and ever since rewatching it, it’s stayed one of my favorite movies till date. 

I love Tim Burton’s movies and he did a great job with this one. His characters have always had charm and Corpse Bride is no exception. It’s sad, funny, creepy, unique and a total delight, a combination not seen very often!

I love Emily’s personality; how she may be dead but she’s the most ‘alive’ character in the entire movie. Her enthusiasm is extremely likable and her story is sad. For me, the ending was beautiful and how she finally gets peace is portrayed very well. It’s a finishing end. 

Emily is one of the most likable fictional characters with Corpse Bride being one of the most beautiful and charming animated films I’ve watched till date.  This is my fanart to show my love for this fantastic movie.